Amber Vela Candle


New sun devotions, an ode to the healing power of nature.

Composed of golden auric notes inspired by cedar woods dipped in velvet amber resin and spiced with cumin seeds. Grounded in the harmonious properties of guaiacwood traditionally known to enhance Vata dosha — which supports clarity, creativity and prana (life force energy in Sanskrit).

An invigorating, herbaceous blend designed to revitalise the senses gently, like the soft glimmers of a new sun. A multi-sensory experience curated in collaboration between Ayu x Nagnata, whose brand roots honour slow, traditional practices. Burn this vibrant scent to invite warmth and lustre into your space. 


100% Soy Coconut blended wax

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  • properties

    Clarifying Revitalising Invigorating

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  • 41  USD
Amber Vela Candle Amber Vela Candle Amber Vela Candle