Candle Safety Instructions

Upon lighting your AYU candle for the first time let it burn until the wax surface has become liquid. This will ensure subsequent burns will be even around the wick. Trimming the wick regularly will help to avoid the wick smoking. 3mm is an ideal length. Never leave a candle burning out of sight or near combustable material. Always ensure the candle flame is extinguished when unattended.
Wax Pool Fires 
It is important to follow all candle care instructions. Failure to do so significantly increases the risk of a ‘Wax Pool Fire'. Always keep the wax pool free from foreign objects such as wick trimmings, wick particles, match debris and dust. Candles should never be left to continuously burn for longer than 2 hours. Failure to do this could lead to a wax pool fire where the surface of the candle becomes superheated and may spontaneously erupt into flames - in a jar candle, the glass can also shatter. In the event of this occurring, use care to extinguish the flame, we recommend using a fire blanket or fire extinguisher. The candle should not be moved or touched while the wax is alight.
Check Glass 
Before lighting a candle it is important to check the glass for any hairline cracks which may occur during transport. The heat from the wax could cause vulnerable glass to crack further. Do not use if the glass is chipped, cracked or in any way broken.
Please note that Ayu does not accept responsibility for any damage caused as a result of the misuse of its products. Follow the safety instructions carefully to get the most enjoyment out of your candle.
When the candle wax is down to 1/4” it is time to stop using the candle, to avoid overheating and combustion.